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Our Latest Work

Hero dot, Manhattan New York

We collaborated with the Hero Team to create their website using Editor X by Wix. Our custom UI/UX design resulted in a visually appealing website that's optimized for any device. Additionally, we provided basic SEO support to improve visibility. We're thrilled with the outcome and look forward to future success with the Hero Team.

Az Supplies, San Francisco California

Our team collaborated with Az Supplies to create a website with exceptional UX design, using Wix and Velo Certified coding expertise. As Amazon Seller Managers, we managed product listings, conducted keyword research, selected high-quality images, and created A+ content. We also optimized PPC advertising campaigns to maximize ROI and increase sales. Our efforts led to significant traffic and sales growth on both our website and Amazon.

Flower Fairy Apothecary, Seattle Washington

Our primary focus was on improving the responsiveness and overall visual impact of the company's existing website on Editor X. Specifically, we worked on enhancing the effects and aesthetics of the site to make it more outstanding and visually appealing.

Linesman, İstanbul Türkiye

We're proud to have worked with a Turkey-based sports social media initiative, where we took on the responsibility of both the website and branding projects. We're excited to have been a part of this initiative that brings sports enthusiasts together on a single platform.

Palmstate, United States

Wix Website and Branding Project for Restaurant

Saltanat Rugs, United States

Wix Website and Branding Project for Rugs Store

Sanal Spor Gonullusu, Türkiye

We worked on a project for the Turkish Ministry of Youth and Sports, creating an appointment system using Wix. Sports teachers were able to enter their availability and the services they offered, and people who wanted to book their services could make an appointment using the system. When the appointment time arrived, the system would automatically send a Zoom link to both parties so they could connect and meet virtually.

The Bite, San Francisco United State

Our talented team played a vital role in successfully launching a new restaurant. We were responsible for creating a logo and designing menus, brochures, and promotional items. Additionally, we expertly managed the restaurant's social media content and advertising campaigns. We developed a beautiful website and implemented SEO strategies, including optimizing the website for search engines and setting up Google My Business focusing on local SEO. As a result, the restaurant is now trending and prominently positioned on the first page of search results.

Ymn Inc, Toronto Canada 

YMN Inc, Toronto Canada

UI UX Projects

UI UX Projects



eCommerce Services

ecommerce services

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